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MemoAccelerator is a program for supporting the process of learning.You can easily create your
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18 June 2009

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MemoAccelerator is a program that allows you to improve your language skills quickly.

Pros: MemoAccelerator helps one learn a foreign language easily. This package lets one learn trough repetitions to pick up vocabulary. Learning is supplemented by tests so that one is confident learning is progressing smoothly. You could actually use the program to learn any other subject for that matter; be it Biology, History or whatever. Several courses can be resident at the same time. A set of words organized together is called a base in this environment. The interaction area present the word to be learnt and the word in the second language. There’s a secondary area that displays usage of the two words in both languages. There are some secondary indicators on that panel showing which way the lessons are; for example English to German or whatever the current base is. The panel also shows a progress bar that indicates the level of progress. General settings of this page that includes background image, colors, restore & back up options are all settable. Statistics and graphs enable the control over the process of learning. The possibility of personalization and alteration of repetitions algorithms lets you tailor the application to the way you learn most effectively.

Cons: I am not too sure rote learning is the best way to learn anything, much less a language. Besides the system message, user documentation are quite hard to understand due to the way they must have been translated from some other language.

Overall I’d think this reaches just a good or 2 star level.

Publisher's description

MemoAccelerator is a program designed to support the process of study (learning, education). It can be successfully used in learning foreign language vocabulary, history, geography and many more. Applied algorithms of repetitions result in material being assimilated at the optimal pace. You save your time by learning in a very effective way.
You can easily create your own courses with graphics, sounds and various exercises, tests, presentations to support your learning objectives.
Additionally, the courses you have created, can be published by you, both in commercial and noncommercial versions.
Version 3.1.2
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